Give it UP, Turn it Loose: 3005’s Salute to James Brown

They don’t call James Brown “The Godfather of Soul” for nothing. Not only did this man *own* the genre, but we still feel the aftershock effects from creative bomb he dropped on music. Like paying homage to the godfather, each generation seems to want to give tribute to James Brown…which is why he gets his own movie.

Today Get On Up is out in theaters, so today we honor the man whose songs have been loved and sampled and remixed into a lasting legacy. 

Glassnote’s very own Childish Gambino pays tribute by sampling Brown’s “Funky President” (look for it around the 10 second mark…and throughout).

Check it out on our first installment of Glassnote’s Songs for the WKND playlist, which you can subscribe to here for new favorites to make you Get Up Offa That Thang every weekend. 

Panama Wedding Stars at “Weekend at Bernie’s” Re-imagined Summer Party

There’s something about 80s nostalgia that brings people together. You start to reminisce and one-up each other on the throwback references. Remember when Hawaiian shirts were stylish? Yeah, what about neon sunglasses? How we wore tracksuits seriously back then? There’s something about the bright, unabashed character of the 80s that keeps us coming back.

So when BBQ Films told us they were screening Weekend at Bernie’s for their summer film event at the in the Rockaways, we immediately thought about our favorite summer sound: Panama Wedding. The band, led by Peter Kirk, embodies a bright, energetic sound - a joyful synth-pop that makes us want to hop behind the wheel of a cherry-red convertible and drive the California coast.

The event had guests wandering through an elaborate theater experience in Playland Motel’s twelve hotel rooms. After soaking up the scene, the cast led guests downstairs to hear Panama Wedding play right before the movie screening.




photo cred: Chris Gregory for BBQ Films

Fans sang along and danced to Panama Wedding favorites like “Uma”, “Feels Just Like Summer” and the hot summer track, “All of the People”. And the night wrapped up with a visit from the REAL Bernie, Terry Kiser, who led the dance party in the “Bernie Lean”.

It certainly does feel like summer with Panama Wedding. Salutations and happy summer.

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